Destiny 2 Guide: Leviathan Raid goes live; Switch order, Chest Locations, Loot and more details here


When Destiny 2 officially launched it came without Clan Features, the Raid, and Trials. Since its launch, Clan Features have gone live and now, the Raid, Leviathan, has officially released after having been leaked.

Like the leak suggested, there are cutscenes, puzzles, and plenty of loot – but we knew that would be coming even without a leak. Before we get into this, here's a shameless plug for guides on how to trigger Heroic Public Events and how to get the Rat King.

First thing is first, the details: 

  • Raid Name: Leviathan
  • Location: Nessus Orbit
  • Tag line: "Grow fat from strength"
  • Fireteam: 6 Players
  • Cooperative
  • Online Access: Xbox Live Gold, PSN Required
  • Weekly Rewards
  • Potential Reward: Powerful Gear
  • Milestone: Leviathan

The First Drop:

  • The first drop is a powerful engram, shaders, and raid tokens.

    • New tokens should be given to "Benedict 99-40 to increase reputation with the emperor."

The raid begins on the top of the mouth of the Leviathan and from there you'll be ushered forward up a set of stairs. It's important to note that you and your team should not shoot anything on the way into the palace. 

At the top of the stairs, there is a cannon that will launch you to the top of the palace. Save your double jump for the end of the cannon launch, otherwise, you will be treated to a decent fall. Continue through the palace until you enter 'Castellum'.

Note: Stepping on the plate at the top of the steps begins the fight.

The Castellum is a large room with a few features that your team should take note of. On the left side of the room, there is a small flight of stairs, at the top take a left and you will find yourself at a plate that looks like a triangle with three shapes; a sun, dual axes, or a cabal hound

This room will also feature other plates in the room. Assign three of your team members to the plate room and take the remaining three to be the defense team. The team working on defense should stay at the top plate, while the key team looks for the key plate that corresponds with the illuminated shape on the top plate.

While the defensive team is at work the team working on the plates will be tasked with finding the corresponding plate to the lit up plate. Once the area has been triggered and the fight begins, there will be mobs to kill. Once you stand on the key plate, a large yellow-bar centurion will come out of the door close to the plate. Focus fire on him. Once he's dead, pick up the key and run it back to the main plate. There will be two other ads that will drop keys after this point. 

Note: The Counselor is a psion with a bubble shield that will shield others if not killed immediately. In order to kill the Counselor, jump into his bubble and melee him.

All keys must be in the key plate at the same time for the door to open.

LOOT: A legendary engram, the Calus's Selected shader (4), and Emperor Calus Token (3). Continue on and turn right at the intersection to go to the Royal Pools.

Everything below is a work in progress and based off of what other players have reported to work in the raid. Check back for more detailed information. If you find out something or find something that works, please comment!


Put one player on each of the pools along the outside to trigger the chains. In the meanwhile, mobs will spawn and your buff will decrease.

There are four pools and two floaters. Rotate the floaters to take one of the pools on the outside while the first person runs into the center and picks up their buff again. Rinse and repeat till the white box touches the ground. 

During the second phase, group up in the middle room and take out the purple crystals. Rinse and repeat. 

– ghettotech

Pleasure Gardens:

Come into the room, kill ads and find the safe room. Going into this room will start trigger the fight.

Prior to beginning the fight, know which four Guardians will act as carriers and which two will act as shooters.

Carriers will grab royal pollen and take it to where the shooters tell them to. These locations will be lit up with a purple glow and the structures king of look like the things you get the pollen from. Depending on how many honeybees are at the location when the shooter hits it, you will gain Empowerment. 

While this happens, six warhounds with a ridiculous amount of health will be looking for you. You'll want to have plenty of empowerment, (36 Empowerment from three pollen runs) before you fight the hounds. Be quick and stealthy while getting empowered because the hounds will wreck you. 

Once the activity ends after you've killed all 6 hounds, you'll get Irrigation Key as well as a chest.

Loot: Raid weapons and Emperor Calus Token (6). 

Go back to Castelluim and repeat the Castellum steps.


The first set:

When you first spawn into the raid you will find a room below the spawn area. In this area, there will be six switches/levers. One player can manage to pull the switches/levers on their own, but they will need to be quick about it (use the mida combo to get your speed up). The switches have a specific sequence, which you'll find below.

In order from left to right entering the room, the order is:

1, 4, 3, 5, 2, 6

or (all reported to work)

1, 5, 3, 2, 4, 6


1, 3, 2, 4, 5, 6

To test if the lever is correct you pull one lever, if it stays down for a couple seconds it is correct. If it pops back up it is incorrect.

Once you successfully trigger the switches a prompt will appear on your screen saying

'the way is open…'

Once this happens, a door is opened.

The second set (the room with the pipes):

All must be pulled at the same time.

Search for a set of pipes leading to darkness a couple floors up in the center, once you find a room protected by Watcher Alphas, you'll know you're in the right place! If a Watcher spots a player, a shield defense will trigger.

If the Watchers are alive after a short time, they will summon enemies and get an immunity shield. If this happens, kill all the ads and their shields will drop, allowing Watchers to be killed. 

Killing all the watchers before the shield sequence completes will open a door with some gold insignia, revealing a chest that cannot be opened unless you have a key!

If you fail the encounter, find a nearby door and use a lever to close it and reset the encounter.

All chests (9) will have Watchers.

Chests Locations (via DDTR_Karl):

Chest loot: Legendary engrams, tokens, and occasional exotic engrams. 

After entering the fountain and jumping up the fan, there are 2 hallways, the small red lit one takes you to the “engine”, the other takes you to the “transfer”

  • Transfer: Watchers in this room.

    • Travelling through transfer, there is a door that leads to a square duct with rocks in it. This takes you to the armory. Travelling to the right room in transfer, there is a platform you can jump up to that leads to “aqueduct”
  • Aqueduct: The chest is in a small room after jumping onto a platform (before the rotating platforms).
  • Armory: Watchers in this room.
  • Engine: Watchers in this room. Travelling through the engine takes you to “ventilation”
  • Ventilation: Travel through ventilation by running up to the fans and turning them off to run through them. The chest is on a platform between the second and third fans

    • Turning on the fan at the end of "ventilation" takes you up to 2 corridors. One takes you to “pipeline”, the other takes you to the “inner chamber” hallway of the raid. Travelling to the end of the pipe on the other side and jumping up leads to the “conduit”.
  • Pipeline: Watcher There is a red pipe on the top portion of the pipeline room, this pipe leads to a very small. Taking a left at the small corridor leads to a hole, which takes you to the door of the “drain”
  • Drain: Watchers in this room.
  • Conduit: Watchers in this room. After traveling through conduit, there is a larger room with a high ledge you can jump to. This leads to “irrigation”
  • Irrigation: Walk along the pipes, the chest is in a hallway across from where you enter

Flag Defense (further on in the raid – don't explore and simply progress forward): 

"Initiate the main raid waves and take three flags from the bearers (they drop them when they die). Brings the flags to the main drop point. Defend the flags once they are dropped off (at least three guardians), enemies will try to take them back. Have the other three guardians find the other spawning bearers, bringing the flags back as you kill them.

"DEFENDERS must kill a spawning enemy in a shield called The Counselor. He grants the flag returners invincibility. He will spawn on your left right or center, only takes one shot to kill but you MUST enter his shield. Have 2 guardians to stay with the flag, and one to attack the shielded counselor. Once you have all three flags a path opens behind you"

– coltmanfraco