Destiny 2 ‘Curse of Osiris’ live stream details; New Endgame Rewards, Strikes, Adventures and more

It's all in the details.

Bungie held a Livestream for the upcoming expansion for Destiny 2, Curse of Osiris. This expansion has been detailed to include a new public zone known as the Lighthouse, a new strike, and a Mercury-based patrol zone, which will include a quest line taking place in the Infinite Forest. 

The stream has offered more details on these items, as well as new endgame content.

As for general information from the stream, Spicy Ramen is getting retired before Season Two.


New Public Event – VEX CROSSROADS


The Vex Crossroads event will drop two chests at the end of the Heroic version, with familiar loot (blues and tokens). The difference with Vex Crossroads is that areas that are not accessible regularly become accessible during the event.

Infinite Forest Adventures


Created with replayability in mind.

There will be adventures in the Infinite Forest that explore Mercury throughout various timelines through a Vex simulation that allows players to experience the past, present, and future of mercury in different scenarios.

Completing adventures will reward with tokens, gear, and milestones. 



Lighthouse has mysteries to solve and is more optimized.

Heroic Adventures

Heroic Adventures are more challenging adventures with different modifiers each time you play it.

Prophecy Verses/The Forge

Verse 3

Brother Vance will have different Lost Prophecy Verses for sell (11 different verses – which are basically quests). Buying one will start a mini-quest where you need to collect certain specific items. These items can be acquired from Strikes, Heroic Adventures, Public Events, and more on Mercury.

Acquiring all the items required by the Lost Prophecy verse will allow you to forge you a new weapon via the Forge interface on the Lighthouse. Other players will be able to watch you use the Forge, as it is a public space.


These weapons all have the theme of modified Vex tech on top of our existing weapon tech. All of the weapons were designed with perks and stats chosen carefully.

New Strikes

Two new Strikes are added with Curse of Osiris. You first get introduced them to via the story campaign solo and once you have completed the story campaign, you can play them through your Strike playlist. There are two versions of these Strikes, a solo version and a regular strike version designed for 3 players, both of which are integrated into the story.