Destiny 2 Changes Up Engram Mechanics and more

No more hording Engrams, pop those bad boys open.

Destiny 2 is currently enjoying massive praise, especially in terms of what's changed since the first game. While Destiny 1 was well-received, it was seen by many as a flawed gem with some of Bungie's game designs. So much so that players had gotten used to strange gaming habits to get to the parts of the game they liked, such as hoarding Engrams until certain levels.

Destiny 2's Engrams have been simplified. Their power levels are determined by when they were dropped, not the player's level. A common strategy in the first Destiny was to collect Engrams and not decrypting them until the player had leveled. They don't work this way anymore. In fact, waiting to open them may make the contents seem underpowered, as the gear was meant for a lower level character.

Another change includes no longer needing to equip your best gear while decrypting. This was needed in the original Destiny as the encryption process would determine what you'd get based off of your currently equipped loadout. In Destiny 2, the game automatically determines the best possible loadout and uses it to determine the payout. Dressing in your Sunday best for Engram decrypting is no longer required.

Have you found any interesting new mechanics changes in Destiny 2? Playing the game with bananas doesn't count. We've already heard rumors of DLC in Destiny 2's future.