Destineer Announces Triple Crown Championship Snowboarding

January 18, 2010

Announces ‘Triple Crown Championship Snowboarding’

Hannah Teter, Gretchen Bleiler,
and Lindsey Jacobellis Featured in New Snowboarding Game for Wii

Just in time for the world to
celebrate prime snowboarding season, Destineer announces the imminent release of
Triple Crown Championship Snowboarding for Wii starring Hannah Teter, Gretchen
Bleiler, and Lindsey Jacobellis. The game features three of the national
snowboarding team’s biggest female athletes in their natural element, strapped
onto snowboards that are rocketing down mountains or pulling off physics-bending
tricks in the halfpipe. Teter, Bleiler, and Jacobellis have captured title after
title in events like the X Games, US Open, World Championships, and the Winter
Olympic Games along with awards and accolades for their sportsmanship, activism
and all-around domination of the snowboarding world.

Gold Medalist Hannah Teter says of
Triple Crown Championship Snowboarding, "We are all friends yet are super
competitive, especially when we are riding against each other at contests around
the world. Triple Crown Championship Snowboarding lets gamers everywhere test
themselves against us in fun re-creations of our specialty events. The game
being on Wii allows you to do maneuvers to challenge riders like me!"

Triple Crown Championship
Snowboarding puts these amazing women front and center, sharing the spotlight
with the top two male snowboard cross riders Nate Holland and Seth Westcott in
Snowboard Cross, Halfpipe, and Slopestyle events. With a nail-biting sensation
of speed, players can choose to master the mountain and ride with the best using
traditional Wii controls or use the Balance Board for an extra layer of riding
simulation. Triple Crown Championship Snowboarding is priced at $29.99 and will
be released exclusively for Wii in February 2010.

Keep an eye out for each of the pros
in Triple Crown Championship Snowboarding as they compete in the nailbiting 2010
snowboarding season. Good luck to Gretchen, Hannah, Lindsey, Nate, and Seth!

About Hannah Teter

As the reigning Olympic Gold
Medalist and 2010 Olympic hopeful in women’s halfpipe, Hannah Teter’s riding
speaks for itself. Strong performances and victories in the Winter X Games,
Grand Prix (Lake Tahoe), the Burton US Open, and the Australian Open have put
Teter in solid standing as one of the greatest snowboarders currently competing.
Outside of the halfpipe, Teter has started a charity called Hannah’s Gold that
raises money for safe water infrastructure in Kenya. Teter is also the first
athlete to have a flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream named after her, has been
nominated for three ESPY awards, and won Best Sports Female in 2006.

About Gretchen Bleiler

A native of Ohio, Gretchen Bleiler
found her passion in winter sports by the age of eleven. She is a three-time X
Games Gold Medalist, an Olympic Silver Medalist and 2010 Olympic hopeful. In
2008, Oakley launched the Gretchen Bleiler collection of outerwear, clothing,
goggles, and accessories – their first athlete-dedicated line. Bleiler is also
an active spokesperson in the fight against global warming and works closely

About Lindsey Jacobellis

The all-time leader in World Cup
victories (with 20 total as of this year), Lindsey Jacobellis is also an Olympic
Silver medalist, a five-time X Games Gold Medalist, and is a 2010 Olympic
hopeful. Born in Connecticut, Jacobellis currently lives in Stratton, Vermont
and has appeared in everything from the Abercrombie & Fitch catalog to Sports
Illustrated to Glamour. She can currently be seen in national TV spots for Visa
and Vicks DayQuil/NyQuil.

About Nate Holland

Nate Holland saw Critical Condition
when he was 11 years old, and that was all it took. Holland has gone on to win X
Games snowboard cross Gold Medals from 2006 through the current season, the 2005
World Cup, and was named Boardercrosser of the Year in 2004. In July 2008,
Holland visited U.S. troops stationed in the Middle East as part of an X Games
themed meet-and-greet. While currently pursuing a spot on the 2010 US Olympic
Snowboard Team, Holland has also been featured in Playboy, Men’s Journal, Sports
Illustrated, and on USA Today.

About Seth Westcott

The first Olympic Gold Medalist in
boardercross, Seth Westcott is currently the top U.S. rider in the event and is
ranked 3rd in the world. Westcott has won Olympic Gold, World Cups, World
Championship Gold and Silver, and has been profiled in two Warren Miller feature
films. Westcott is also a spokesperson for his home state of Maine’s "Take it
Outside" program that’s designed to fight obesity by encouraging outdoor
activities and is on the Board of Directors for the Huts and Trails program,
which is building a 180-mile corridor of environmentally sound trails and
recreation in the state.