Destineer Announces "The Circle: Martial Arts Fighter."

May 18, 2009

Step into The Circle! Destineer
Announces “The Circle: Martial Arts Fighter”

Dance of War. From its humble beginnings in South America, this unique martial
art has spread around the world. From Brazil to the United States and everywhere
in between, fighters are stepping into the traditional circle to see who is the
greatest martial arts fighter of them all. Do you have what it takes to be the
best? Find out this summer when Destineer and developer Twelve Games release
“The Circle: Martial Arts Fighter” exclusively for Wii™.

“The Circle: Martial Arts Fighter is
an exciting addition to Destineer’s catalogue,” said Paul Rinde, CEO of
Destineer. “With its fast-paced combat and intuitive controls, The Circle is
sure to please both casual gamers and the Wii’s growing ‘hardcore’ audience.”


  • Intuitive Gameplay: Master the
    fast-paced martial art of Capoeira with a unique control scheme that fluidly
    melds depth with simplicity.

  • The Best of the Best: Choose from
    12 fighters from around the world, each with a unique style and move set.
    Battle in 13 arenas from across the globe, from Capoeira’s homeland of Brazil
    to Japan and everywhere in between.

  • World Warrior: Challenge yourself
    with Training Mode, Story Mode, Versus Mode, and more. Tackle three different
    difficulty settings to see how powerful your martial arts skills really are!

  • Bulk Up: Customize your fighter by
    earning skill points to increase your strength, constitution, speed, and other
    skills! The Circle: Martial Arts Fighter is scheduled for a late Summer
    release for Wii.