DELTA FORCE: XTREME – Action packed and ready to roll!

– Action packed and ready to roll!


Calabasas, Ca

(April 18th, 2005)

Entertainment software developer and publisher NovaLogic, Inc. today announced
that Delta Force: Xtreme has gone gold and will hit stores in the US on
April 21st, 2005 for just


The game was
developed to give gamers of all levels an easy pick-up-and-play FPS experience
packed full of action. Delta Force: Xtreme includes a selection of the best
single and multiplayer missions from the original PC game Delta Force®, as well
as new missions and a host of updated game features. Improvements include a
complete graphics overhaul, new renders, particle and weather effects, as well
as new content in the form of missions, controllable vehicles and new online
features. Delta Force: Xtreme also includes 20 co-op missions, online stat
tracking and improved anti-cheat measures.


Delta Force:
Xtreme features:

  • 20 classic and new single player missions across 3 campaigns

  • Additional new missions created especially for Delta Force:
    Xtreme featuring drivable vehicles for the first time ever in the Delta Force

  • 20 classic and new Co-Op missions

  • STATS!  Now fans of the original Delta Force will be able to
    play their favorite maps and check their STATS online in NovaWorld hosted

  • Over 20 multiplayer maps hosted through NovaWorld with support
    for up to 32 players online. Multiplayer game types include Deathmatch, Team
    Deathmatch, Team King of the Hill and more!

A single
player demo for the new game is scheduled to be released in the coming weeks.



Founded in 1985, NovaLogic Inc. is a developer and global publisher of video
games for the PC, PlayStation® game console and PlayStation®2 computer
entertainment system and Xbox® video game system. Based in Calabasas,
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