Deep Silver: Saints Row 4 sales ‘continue to be very strong’

Deep Silver has done a remarkable job promoting and marketing Saints Row 4. And apparently, it's paying off. A month after the game's release Saints Row 4 continues to sell well, according Aubrey Norris, Deep Silver's director of marketing and PR.

Speaking to us primarily about Deep Silver's latest marketing ploy regarding the GAT V play on the GTA V release, we took the opportunity to see if the marketing efforts were helping move more units — even a month after the initial release.

"I can't say what our cumulative sales are, but they have continued to be very strong," Norris told us. "We're really happy."

We last heard that Saints Row 4 had sold over one million units, but this was just after one week's worth of sales. Deep Silver has yet to reveal sales numbers since then.

In the meantime, check out our full interview with Aubrey Norris and see just what goes into marketing for a AAA title these days. Developer Volition is currently working on Enter the Dominatrix, an upcoming expansion due out this fall. Unfortunately, Aubrey didn't spoil any of the plans, but did hint at some "fun promotions."