Deep Silver announces a trio of titles in the Ride to Hell universe

The publisher behind Dead Island and the now acquired Saints Row 4 and Metro Last Light have three more titles up their sleeve, which are all about bikers.

First up is Ride to Hell: Retribution, set to come out on June 25th on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. It tells the story of a lone rider named Jake Conway, a man with either a gun in his hand or a girl on his lap. The game will largely be a revenge story, which will have Jake going up against a rival biker gang called The Devil's Hand.

The second title is a downloadable game for XBLA, PSN and Steam. Ride to Hell: Route 666 will take players across the legendary Route 66 to recruit and lead a gang of bikers from Chicago to Los Angeles. Given that it's a downloadable title, you can expect fast paced arcade combat with some sweet bike riding.

The last title, Ride to Hell: Beatdown, will be a mobile game, though no info on the game was given, outside of it taking place in the Ride to Hell universe and being a rock'n'roll brawler.

For more info on each title, make sure to check out the Ride to Hell official website.