Decisive Battles Goes to Italy: Battles in Italy Released

Decisive Battles Goes to Italy:
Battles in Italy Released

Award Winning Series Brings New
Features in a New Location with Battles in Italy!

Staten Island, NY, May 25th, 2005 –
Matrix Games
  and Strategic Studies Group (SSG)  are
very pleased to announce that the next game in the Decisive Battles Series,
Battles in Italy, is now available for purchase from the Matrix Games web store.
Battles in Italy brings the award-winning series to three pivotal battles:
Sicily (Operation Husky), Salerno (Operation Avalanche), and the unfortunate
Operation Shingle, the invasion at Anzio.

Battles in Italy is an operational
wargame that takes you to three of the toughest fought battles in the
Mediterranean — the invasions of Sicily, Salerno, and Anzio. You are given
complete control of either the allies or the axis armies and must utilize
strategy and tactics to overcome your opponent. All three campaigns incorporate
many new improvements and enhancements to the Decisive Battles series. Some of
these updates include rules for surrender, political units, cooperation between
countries, and improved amphibious invasions!

The Decisive Battles of World War II
Series has won a number of awards, including War Game of the Year from both
Computer Gaming World and Gamespy, Editor’s Choice from PC Gamer, and The
Wargamer’s Award for Excellence. The series features an operational setting with
an easy to use interface. The game is approachable by beginners and masters with
customizable AI options to give any skill level a run for their money. Battles
in Italy comes with an extended tutorial to help new players get started.

For more information on Battles in
Italy and the Decisive Battles series visit
  or check the SSG website at


Matrix Games produces, markets and
publishes historical wargames as well as other computer gaming products. Since
2000, Matrix Games has published several award-winning games, including Highway
to the Reich, Starships Unlimited, Uncommon Valor and Korsun Pocket. Matrix
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Strategic Studies Group (SSG) was
founded in Australia during the 1980s by Roger Keating and Ian Trout with the
release of their first game, Reach for the Stars. Over the last twenty years and
over fifty computer games, SSG has grown from a fledgling company to one of the
driving forces in Computer Strategy in the world today. SSG’s Decisive Battles
series has won as much acclaim as any modern wargame. Their work continues with
Battles In Italy. For more information, visit the SSG website at