Death Stranding runs at 4K/60fps even on a RTX2060

Thanks to DLSS 2.0 magic

With less than two left until the PC launch of Hideo Kojima’s highly-divisive open-world action game Death Stranding, we learn promising new details about the titles PC performance. Publisher 505 Games allowed Tom’s Hardware to take a preview build of the game for a spin and the results are fascinating.

Last fall, PlayStation 4 owners were fortunate enough to experience iconic game designer Hideo Kojima’s newest project. The timed PS4 exclusive led to an infamous launch period with gamers either hating the guts of it or being utterly enthralled by the unique gameplay and vision on show. A splendid product at the end, of one of gamings’ most infamous figureheads.

Thankfully Sony’s partnership with Kojima Productions allows the game to be ported to PC. On July 14th PC gamers will be able to play the Death Stranding with all the expected extra features you’d expect on the PC.

Of course, one if not the biggest differentiation between consoles and PC has been performance and resolution. Since the only bottleneck on a gaming rig is the owner’s wallet thickness, there’s theoretically no limit to what can be shown on the monitor. And in Tom’s Hardware’s preview article we learn that thanks to Nvidia’s proprietary DLSS 2.0 resolutions and performance can even be achieved on team green’s weakest RTX GPU, the RTX 2060.

According to benchmarks, in performance mode a full 60 frames per second at 4K resolution was attainable. A far cry from even the regular PS4’s 1080p/30fps. Even the beefed-up PS4 Pro only manages 30fps with a checkerboard 4K resolution output. These are excellent preliminary findings that are promising for the final product.

In the meantime, you can check out this handy chart by Kojima Productions to see whether your machine is ready for Death Stranding!