Deadpool leads the list of most pirated movies of 2016

Look who's the big winner

Pirated movies and torrent sites are extremely popular, especially when it comes to the comic book  and super hero based films. That's why it's no surprise to see that Deadpool topped the list of most pirated movies this year.

Torrentfreak issued their top 10 list of most pirated films for 2016, and the only one on the list not in the comic and/or super hero genre was the Revenant coming in at the 10 spot. There is a large correlation between box office sales and pirated downloads as well. Finding Dory made the list at number nine as it finished number one in the US and 2nd worldwide (Captain America: Civil War) with over a billion dollars in box offices sales.  Zootopia on the other hand did not make the list although it was third overall in box office sales for the whole year. 

The complete list can be seen below thanks to Torrentfreak, along with their corresponding box office sales. Which ones did you pirate…..err…we mean watch?

1 Deadpool $783,770,709
2 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice $868,160,194
3 Captain America Civil War $783,770,709
4 Star Wars The Force Awakens $783,770,709
5 X-Men Apocalypse $783,770,709
6 Warcraft $433,125,655
7 Independence Day: Resurgence $$387,644,286
8 Suicide Squad $746,100,054
9 Finding Dory $1,022,701,881
10 The Revenant $532,950,503
** Necessary Disclaimer **
It also goes without saying that we do not support pirating here at Gamezone.