Deadpool director Tim Miller confirmed to direct Terminator 6


Since May, James Cameron has been on a break from directing the new Avatar movies and has instead been hard at work with Terminator 6 and it seems like he has found his partner in crime to direct it for him, and it will be no other than Deadpool's Tim Miller.

With the rights for the Terminator going back to Cameron in 2019, it is no surprise that we will be getting a set of new movies, and knowing James Cameron it is no surprise that he is planning on making a new trilogy of Terminator movies. With these movies in the pipeline, Tim Miller now joins James Cameron as the director for this new, currently unnamed, Terminator film with James Cameron as the producer.

Tim Miller joining the new Terminator production was officially revealed by a post by Skydance while marketing an exclusive screening of Terminator 2. Ahead of that screening, Cameron and Miller will be having a conversation about the upcoming film, a conversation which hopefully will give us some more news about what to expect from this new Terminator.

Tim Miller has previously directed Deadpool and comes from a visual effects background at Blur Studios, the studio behind visual effects in Avatar as well as the trailer for the Batman Arkham games. Tim Miller has also been working as Creative Supervisor for the effects in Scot Pilgrim vs. The World as well as Visual Effects Producer for the Star Wars: The Old Republic. Hopefully, with Cameron's and Miller's powers combined, the new Terminator will be a great action movie with amazing effects. There is hope for this one!

Then again, there is always hope for a film with Arnold Schwarzenegger.