Dead Space 3 screenshots highlight Carver’s backstory and co-op gameplay twist

When EA and Visceral games confirmed co-op play in Dead Space 3 many feared the game would lose a big part of its survival-horror element. Surely a game can't be as scary when playing with another.

Well, a new batch of screenshots is looking to prove those naysayers wrong. Visceral has "made it a point" to make co-op a completely separate experience that adds more to the Dead Space lore, particularly the story behind co-op character John Carver. While playing in co-op, Carver can unlock side missions focused on his backstory.

Some of these side missions dip into his ongoing struggles with dementia, resulting in Carver seeing things that Isaac doesn't, therefore "adding a new psychological element to the thrills of the game," according to Visceral.

The new screenshots provide a look into one of those missions. Titled "Marker Containment", Isaac is helping Carver deal with visions of his lost son and wife. Creepy enough for you?