Dead Space 3 co-op leading to increased pre-orders?

Pre-orders for EA and Visceral's Dead Space 3 are booming – to the tune of "almost five times higher than Dead Space 2", according to EA Labels president Frank Gibeau.

Revealed during EA's Investor Relations call, Gibeau announced the staggering pre-order news, which is based on pre-sales from the equivalent time-period in 2010, citing the game's added co-op gameplay as a possible reason.

While many long time fans of Dead Space may be disappointed with the addition of co-op in Dead Space 3, Gibeau feels the new feature is "attracting a lot of attention" and helping the game appeal to a "broader audience".

Gibeau's beliefs echo what we previously heard from EA Games marketing boss Laura Miele who reassured Dead Space 3 is "no less scary" than its predecessors while defending the addition of co-op gameplay.