Dead Rising and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 appear to be coming to PlayStation 4

Because everyone was begging for a Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 remaster.

In the wee hours of the morning, two games popped up on popular trophy/achievement tracking website Exophase for PlayStation 4. The two games in question are Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and the original Dead Rising. Why is this so strange? Well, not only are these games super old and somewhat irrelevant today but there has been no indication of any remasters or ports being made for these games.

Trophies are typically loaded onto the PS4 servers right before the game launches so you can expect some sort of announcement for these games to come very soon unless they pull a Quantic Dream and put the trophies live a year before the game even comes out.

This isn't the first hint of a Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 re-release, however. In June, a Taiwanese ratings board listed Marvel Ultimate Alliance and its sequel coming to PS4 and Xbox One but we have yet to receive any official announcement but for those skeptics, this seems to almost confirm its existence.

One other interesting thing to note is the fact that the original Dead Rising was an Xbox 360 exclusive (even though there was some sort of Wii spin-off) and never came to PS3 so it's interesting to see it make its way to PS4. Maybe this is to hold fans over until Dead Rising 4 comes to PS4 at a later date? Who knows!

Stay tuned to GameZone for updates as the story develops.

[Wario64 on Twitter]