Dead Island Ships 3 Million

Dead Island was not a perfect game. Sure, expecting perfection out of any game is foolish, but you'd be surprised at how often some titles come close. Unfortunately, Dead Island didn't come close to perfection, and some people may argue that it didn't even come close to greatness.

But while Dead Island may not have been an amazing game, it was certainly a good game, and it has provided a lot of gamers with plenty of fun moments. The game has managed to ship an impressive amount of copies, which points to a lot people playing the game. This is good for both the devs and gamers looking forward to a sequel.

In a statement to GameInformer, Deep Silver confirmed that a total of 3 million units had shipped since launch. That's not shabby by any means, and while 3 million isn't the number of units sold, it's an indicator of the interest gamers have in the zombie title. The holiday rush is certain to provide even more sales for Deep Silver, as is the post-holiday lull.

Check out our review of Dead Island and see if you'd like to contribute to the game's sales. I don't own the game myself, but I would sure like to. I'll likely be picking it up after the new year. If you can look past its flaws, I'd recommend you check it out, as well. After all, if a lot of us buy the game, it's possible that Deep Silver will address this title's flaws in the sequel.