Dead Cells, the Metroidvania Early Access Game, is Coming to Nintendo Switch

The Switch version will launch at the same time as the PC Version

Dead Cells, the rogue-lite, Metroidvania style action platformer that’s been in early access since mid-2017 is officially coming to the Nintendo Switch. Developer Motion Twin has announced that when the PC version launches 1.0 later this year, the Switch version will launch at the same time.

For gamers unfamiliar with the concept of a “rogue-lite,” the game is hard, like Dark Souls hard, and features no checkpoints. You die, you learn what you did wrong and you repeat. Dead Cells is currently available on Steam, again in early access, for $19. The price is for the game has been helping the developer fund the game’s production and over the past several months, Motion Twin has pumped out update after update. With over 12,000+ reviews, the game’s stance with the community is overwhelmingly positive.

Motion Twin says that fans have emailed the team begging for a Switch version for months and team, filled with life-long Nintendo fans decided it would be a perfect fit. The Switch isn’t the only console getting some love, Dead Cells will also be coming to Xbox One, PS4, and GOG.

While no official date has been targeted for the release, we do know it will be in 2018. Be sure to check back here for more on Dead Cells.