DDD Pool Gets an Overhaul: Full Release Now Available

DDD Pool Gets an Overhaul: Full
Release Now Available

March 8th, 2005 – Paprikari
announced today that DDD Pool, or 3“D” Pool, would receive a major update to
improve compatibility with older machines, making one of the greatest pool
simulations available to almost everyone. The update turned back the DirectX
requirements and made a number of other enhancements to optimize play on older
machines. This final major step forward has prompted Paprikari to officially
declare DDD Pool released.

DDD Pool is a realistic fully 3D
pool simulation that provides access to five game types and 3 levels of computer
AI. The physics engine of the game provides an accurate display of many
different shot factors, move the position of the cue, adjust where it strikes
the ball, adjust the power level, and of course, aim to perform any number of
true to life pool shots. With three different rooms to play in the scenery won’t
be the same old green felt table every time.

The five game modes include 8-Ball,
9-Ball, 8-Ball Challenge, 9-Ball Challenge, and practice mode. While 8 and
9-Ball follow traditional rules, challenge mode pits you against the clock.
Practice mode allows for free play to hone your pool skills. Each of the three
levels of difficulty will provide a challenge for any skill level, novice to
professional. Also you have the option of playing against other live humans in a
hot-seat match, which means endless fun for family and friends.

Enjoy pool the way it was meant to
be played, with super-realistic physics and limitless shot positions, DDD Pool
brings you everything but a cold draft beer. Enjoy the 60 minute full feature
demo from their website at
  and begin your journey to becoming a true pool