DCUO Update 8 brings better item customization

If you've been happily defending (or terrorizing) the world of DC Universe Online, you already know that frequent updates rollout to make the game even better. And why wouldn't you, it's free!


The new update will give players access to the Research & Development system. This new system will allow players to craft powerful items.


They will work as socketable items, or mods, that can enhance existing gear. These enhancements include raising combat ratings, to enhancing various stats that will give your character the edge that it needs. Higher grade consumables will also be available to craft which will not only heal players, but provide temporary buffs.


This new system will be available for players when they reach level 10 at either the Watchtower for heroes and Hall of Doom for villains.


There are four elements of this system, including:


  • Finding and Researching: Plans to create Equipment Mods to upgrade gear and consumables can be collected throughout the world.
  • Gathering: Throughout the open world (including Gotham City, Metropolis and Central City), players (1-30) can find exobytes and other items.
  • Salvaging: Players can turn unused, uncommon or rare items into crafting materials, and they can recover a rare item and create a useful piece of new equipment.
  • Collecting: Bosses will drop useful ingredients such as Focusing Elements and Plans throughout the game.

If you're on the fence, don't be. DCUO is now free to play so there should be absolutely nothing holding you back from testing this game out and see whether you fall into the hero or villain category.