DC Universe Online’s War of the Light Part 1 available for all today

DC Universe Online's War of the Light Part 1 is now available to all players on all platforms. Previously open only to Legendary membersWar of the Light Part 1 is the first of a three-part series of DLC packs for the super hero MMO. In addition to a new storyline that expands upon the Green Lantern canon, the downloadable content introduces the Blue Lantern Corps along with a new powerset: Rage, which can be used by both heroes and villains. Of course, there's other things to be excited about including new operation, new gear and styles, and new legends characters.

War of the Light Part 1 will introduce a new version of Metropolis, separate from the version in the core game. This version is set just after the events of Braniac's Battle for Earth and will serve as the canvas for which the entire War of the Light Trilogy will be set, including the three new Operations: two four-player Operations and one eight-player Operation per side.

These Operations will take you to new locations where you'll interact with both new and old iconic characters from DCUO. "One of the more exciting aspects is the way the mist can sometimes take control of an iconic character, infusing them with raw emotional might and turning them into a powerful avatar of Will, Fear, Rage or Hope," says DCUO executive producer Larry Liberty. Mists have apparently overtaken the city and alter the behavior of citizens. The behavior alterations are linked to the specific colors:  topaz elicits fear, crimson mist – rage, azure – hope, emerald – determination, and purple – love.

In addition to more Operations, new Rage powers are now available to both Heroes and Villains. Inspired by the Red Lantern Corps, Rage is a Tank/Damage power that incorporates a new tanking mechanic — Rage Crash. When players activate certain abilities, it will send them into an "enraged state" in which damage is instantly healed for a period of time. When the rage subsides, all damage taken during that time is instantly reapplied.

"There are ways to mitigate and even avoid the crash, but it will take practice and skill," adds Liberty. "In the right hands, it can be devastating, and really fits the emotion from which it is named."

Along with all of these great additions, fans can expect to see new Legends characters, Saint Walker and Atrocitus. There are also three new Lantern-inspired styles to collect including, for the first time ever, gear with the Corps logo attached.

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