DayZ Coming To PS4, But Xbox One Comes First

We've waited for a long time, what's a year more?

A few days ago, we learned that DayZ would finally be coming out of Steam Early Access and also coming to Xbox One. While the wait has been long and sometimes frustrating, the fruit of developer Bohemia's efforts has finally shown. Not only is an Xbox One version now in sight, but a PlayStation 4 version is also in the works, although it's a bit further off.

Because Xbox One has the Game Preview program and PS4 does not, Xbox players will get a taste of the zombie survival simulation before their PlayStation cousins.

"In short, yes, we're still going to release DayZ for PS4," a representative said in an interview with GameSpot. "It's mostly that we have the ability to do the Game Preview program with Xbox that has us choosing this platform for the first console release, and the partnership with Microsoft has been very productive so far. We're still excited to have DayZ in the hands of PS4 players, it'll just happen a bit later than the Xbox release."

DayZ Coming To PS4, But Xbox One Comes First

The 1.0 release of DayZ on PC will launch in 2018 alongside the first Game Preview version on Xbox One. The PS4 version doesn't have a release window as of yet, prompting Bohemia to state on Twitter that they cannoy guarantee a DayZ launch on PS4 in 2018, although the overall release is still planned.

Xbox One's Game Preview program works a lot like Steam Early Access, allowing players to buy and play a game during its development cycle, often times participating in development decisions.

The Early Access version of DayZ launnched in Deccember 2013. It has sold 3 million copies despite being unfinished. A statement that will soon change in early 2018.