Dawnbringer launches today

Are you interested in bringing the Dawn?

Kiloo, the developers of games such as Subway Surfers, Spellbinders, and Tesla Tubes, have released a new game called Dawnbringer. Their new iOS and Android game features an "immersive open-world", hack 'n' slash combat, a campaign that takes hours to complete, and a crafting and enchanting system.

As for the story: you play a character known as Kastor, a fallen angel, banished to  a demon-filled world named Mourngard. Kastor's quest is to restore a magical tower that was to serve to protect against the demons but it has since been destroyed. Kastor must collect sacred relics to energize the tower and these relics are, of course, in the hands of three demon tribes. 

Dawn Bringer is available today on iOS and Andriod.