David Jaffe, Twisted Metal designer, working on new project

Free-to-play games have been and still are some of the biggest catches in the game industry. The games are filled with micro-transactions that find a a way to whittle money out of the gamer without them realizing how much money they invest into the actual game. David Jaffe, best known for designing Twisted Metal and God of War, is looking to create a free-to-play game without any of those catches.

In an interview with GamesIndustry Jaffe was quoted saying, "while I love parts of free-to-play, I hate other parts. I hate how it's like the tail wagging the dog and it's the business model and all about getting people to pay [with more micro-transactions]. You can listen to developers all day long tell you it's not pay to win, but you know, it kind of is pay to win. I'm not saying they're evil or they're lying – but one of the things they like to say is pay with your time or pay with your money. "

David Jaffe is taking all the aspects he likes and dislikes about other free-to-play games to form a game that shies away from the conventional free-to-play game. What kind of game is Jaffe working on? Well, he confirmed that it would be an in browser, third person shooter.

In terms of how he's going to go about developing the game Jaffe is considering going the Kickstarter route. On subject of Kickstarter Jaffe went on to say that, "if you donate a certain amount and get access to everything, that's not f***ing it up. You're getting a great game without having to pay more than what you might pay with free-to-play [under the typical business model]. I can't even articulate it yet; I just don't want to disrespect people and say 'oh it's free-to-play and give me 15 bucks' because as a gamer I'd go 'it's f***ing free-to-play dude.'

Diverting from the conventional free-to-play game seems to be a trend that is slowly catching momentum. Crytek is also creating a free-to-play online first person shooter, Warface, that claims to offer next generation visuals with out having to pay for next gen visuals. Hopefully other games come out with less microtransactions, imagine if Guild Wars followed that path. Interesting thought.

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