Darth Vader officially revealed in new Rogue One trailer

*heavy breathing*

Darth Vader is one of the most iconic villains of all time, his heavy breathing and menacing looks are so distinct that you can identify him in an instant. That's why it was so easy to pick him out when the camera zoomed on on his iconic cape and helmet in the new Rogue One: A Star Wars trailer that was shown exclusively to Star Wars Celebration attendees.

As a treat to fans who traveled all the way to Europe for the fan event, Kathleen Kennedy presented a special look for the highly anticipated Star Wars prequel. Everyone was told to turn off their phones, but that didn't stop a couple rebels (pardon the pun) from recording the trailer. Most copies of the trailers have been taken off the internet, but some of us got a look at what the trailer offered which was most notably a special appearance from Darth Vader himself at the end of the trailer. Right before the the trailer ended, the camera slowly pans in on the back of a mysterious dark figure and we hear the iconic heavy breathing. Fans went nuts and then the trailer ended. While we don't have a copy of the trailer to show you here, if you dig hard enough through the internet you can find it.

This isn't our first confirmation of the fan favorite villain however. In June, the character was officially revealed in an issue of EW magazine shortly after being leaked from an upcoming tie-in book.

During the Rogue One panel, director Gareth Edwards revealed what his first voice over session with the legendary James Earl Jones was like. He described it as an early Christmas present when he flew to a recording studio after the film wrapped shooting in December. Throughout the panel, you could see Edwards passion for the sci-fi saga but it really showed when he talked about Vader. Edwards said hearing Jones say the line "power" gave him a "nerdgasm" just like it probably will for many of us when we see the film in December. 

However, Darth Vader wasn't the only thing that wasn't supposed to hit the web today. A member of the Rogue One cast accidentally let slip the fate of a specific character when speaking about his role in the film, whoops!

In related news, a brand new behind the scenes feature for the film was released officially online alongside a brand new poster showcasing a battle between the rebels and the Empire on a planet beneath the Death Star