Darkeden Descends into Open Beta Phase

December 13, 2007

Descends into Open Beta Phase

Joymax’s New Vampire MMORPG Available for Free
Play Testing

Joymax has announced that its vampire-themed
massively multiplayer online role-playing game has begun its open beta play test
period. The new game, Darkeden, is now offering free accounts for the purposes
of the beta test, available at the Joymax website. All participants in the
Darkeden open beta test will be able to progress through the game at an
accelerated rate, receiving experience points at 200%. Eager players worldwide
can sign up at Joymax’s website and begin playing the near-complete game
immediately, enjoying the opportunity to experience Darkeden early, and
contribute to the game’s final revision process.

"This is an excellent opportunity for players to
get in on the ground floor of Darkeden," said June K. Son, General Manager of
Joymax. "We welcome everyone to sample what the game has in store, and we’re
eager to hear what our players have to say as we work on the finishing touches."

Players can access the free beta now by signing
up for a Joymax.com account at

As a special holiday treat, Darkeden is hosting
an in-game Christmas event, starting December 18th, 2007, and ending on January
8th, 2008. During this event, players will have the opportunity to gather puzzle
pieces by hunting monsters, which, when assembled, will reward players with a
Christmas tree or a Snowman. These festive items can be inscribed with
customized messages and placed in the game world. Monsters will also deliver
firecrackers as in-game items, which can be set off in the game world to produce
colorful holiday cheer.

About Darkeden

Darkeden is a massively multiplayer online
role-playing game, inviting players into a bleak near-future environment and a
brutal conflict between two distinct races-vampires and slayers. Featuring
hand-rendered graphics and an isometric 2D view, Darkeden is easy for novices to
learn, yet features a broad depth of features and character-building options for
hardcore players. Darkeden contains hundreds of potential skills and two
distinct systems of character advancement, and is available to download and play
free of charge.

More information about Darkeden is available at