Dark Souls strategy guide heads to PSN

I'm very afraid to play Dark Souls, people. Demon's Souls was given to me as an early Christmas gift last year, and its spiritual follow-up was one of my birthday presents soon after. I guess I've pissed my loved ones off, because they really wanted me to suffer with these games and their crazy difficulty.

I played a few hours of Demon's Souls and got through one boss. Now I'm stuck on another boss. I've since started playing other games, but I fully intend on returning to Demon's Souls and then following it up with Dark Souls.

I know these games are tough, though, which is exactly why I'm afraid of them. Like, terrified of them! If you're scared of Dark Souls like I am, you may be happy to know that the game's strategy guide has gotten the digital treatment and will now be up for purchase on the PlayStation Network.

The 143-page guide is available for 13 clams, which is a reasonable price. It's a 419 MB download, in case you're wondering. I really don't know if I'll be getting the guide myself. I mean, I know I'm going to need some help, but I might just try to tough it out. If I cave, though, I'm glad to see there's a solution right at my fingertips.