Dark Souls 3 Has a new Speedrun World Record: 1.5 Hours

This 1 hour, 24 minute speedrun includes all bosses and DLC.

Dark Souls is a difficult series. The latest entry, Dark Souls 3 is no exception to that. For many, it takes several hours to beat, or in some cases, several hours to get frustrated and rage quit. But somebody blasted trough the game and all the DLC in a mere 1 hour, 24 minutes and 19 seconds.

Yesterday, speedrunner Distortion2broke  the existing world record of an All Bosses run, pushing the previous Nemz38 record to second place. Distortion2 even hit a snag during the Wyvern and Halflight bosses, which would have shaved a few minutes off the already breaking record.

Many of us can simply watch in amazement, as typically Dark Souls 3 players rack up about 40 hours before they finish, if at all.