Dark Souls 2 beta to be rescheduled

Publisher Namco Bandai has delayed the PlayStation 3 beta of Dark Souls 2 due to unforeseen problems.

The invite-only beta should have started yesterday, on Oct. 27, but players were unable to gain access to the action role-playing game. Namco Bandai announced the delay over Twitter to U.S. players and promised more information "early this week." It did not give an explanation about the situation.

"We thoroughly apologize for all of the confusion and issues," tweeted Namco Bandai America. "We will be rescheduling the network test for another date."

If you received an invitation, don't worry about losing your spot in the beta: "Everyone who was in this test will be allowed in for the next Dark Souls 2 PS3 network test. Your spot is secure," the company tweeted.

Via: The Escapist