Dang it! Japan gets all the cool 3DS screenshot sharing features!

Dang it! Why does Japan get all the cool 3DS features and tools first?! A listing on Nintendo's Japanese site announced a new tool for the Nintendo 3DS that let's players in Japan take in-game screenshots and upload them to social networking sites. Meanwhile, me and my 3DS in the United States don't have that ability. I have to take a picture of my screen with my cell phone and then post it to Facebook or Tweet it.

The Nintendo 3DS Screenshot Tool will allow players to take screenshots while playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf or Tomodachi Collection. Then, players use the 3DS browser to go to Nintendo's mobile site and log into i.nintendo.net. Then they can choose which screenshots to upload or post the photo directly to the service — currently supporting Twitter and Tumblr. 

That's bullsh*t. Doesn't Nintendo know that the United States is the only country that matters and that we should get all the cool stuff first?! Why am I forced to use archaic methods like using a cell phone to capture my 3DS? It's not fair… it really isn't…

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