Dan Amrich: No zombies in Black Ops: Declassified

Earlier today we reported on a story from Call of Duty: Declassified’s developer Nihilistic Software pertaining to a possible inclusion of a “zombies mode” in the upcoming PS Vita shooter. A few hours later, though, Activision’s community manager Dan Amrich, also known as One of Swords, officially announced that the title will not include the aforementioned mode.

“Will it have Zombies?” That’s the top question I’ve gotten about the PlayStation Vita-exclusive Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified since it was announced. Unfortunately the official answer is no, but for what strikes me as a decent reason: Multiplayer took priority.

That makes sense to me. This is the first Call of Duty game on Vita, and it needs to deliver on its core strengths — arguably, multiplayer gaming with twin-stick controls in a portable format. That’s the core experience, and that simply needs to come first. There’s always a list of things you want to do and things you need to do, and at the end of the day, realistic goals are the ones that people actually attain.

Declassified will offer a Hostiles Mode, which challenges you to defeat waves of enemies, but alas, those enemies are not shambling corpses. So we’ll see what the future brings for Zombies, but for Declassified, it’s an MP focus first and foremost.”

So we ask you: does this news change your perspective on buying or not buying Call of Duty: Declassified? Let us know by commenting below.

Source: [One of Swords]