Dairy Queen Being Served on PC and Macintosh

September 8, 2008

Dairy Queen Being Served on PC
and Macintosh

Ready, Set, Soft Serve!

GameMill Entertainment and Spark
Plug Games today announced the development of a new time management casual game
based on the Dairy Queen property, titled DQ Tycoon. The product will offer
players the ability to manage a series of Dairy Queen stores in a community with
daily challenges including the creation of Blizzard flavor treats for a rush of

“GameMill and Spark Plug Games have
captured the essence of what makes Dairy Queen so popular in communities across
the country.” Jill Anderson, Senior Marketing Manager for International Dairy
Queen “We look forward to working with them in the coming months to help finish
the game and bring it to DQ lovers everywhere.”

Dairy Queen Tycoon will be one of
the first time management games to have a strong brand behind it on the PC.
Throughout the game, players will create Blizzard treats, dip Dilly Bars, and
decorate the popular DQ Cakes. After hours, the player will manage the operation
of up to four DQ stores, upgrading machines, managing staff, and keeping
business running smoothly.

“Our goal is to create an
entertaining game that also embraces the rich history of Dairy Queen and its
place within the community“ Brian Kirkvold, Executive Producer for GameMill

DQ Tycoon will be available at
retail stores across the country and online through many portals beginning
December 1, 2008.

“Aside from being a great excuse for
‘research’ trips to our local Dairy Queen store, it is fantastic to be working
with a strong brand that is recognized for its community involvement,” said John
O’Neill, President of Spark Plug Games. “We are building a product that
represents our passion to create entertaining games for the mass market.”