D3PA and Fan Favorite developer Treasure Bring Bangai-O to North America!

February 26, 2008


New Sound Load Technology Allows Data Transfer
Via Sound Files for the First Time Ever on Nintendo DS Handheld Systems

A jewel of a game will cross the Pacific and
delight gamers as Bangai-O Spirits was confirmed today for the North American
market by D3Publisher of America, Inc., a publisher and developer of interactive
entertainment software. Bangai-O Spirits is a compelling blend of twitch-fest
shooter and puzzler genres, seasoned with strategic and tactical elements.
Developed in the eccentric, much-loved style of TREASURE Co., Ltd., it is a
re-imagination of their ’90s cult classic game Bangai-O, perfected for the
Nintendo DS handheld system. Bangai-O Spirits will incorporate a powerful level
editor tool, as well as revolutionary new technology known as Sound Load that
allows gamers to transfer data among DS systems via sound files-a first for DS
handheld systems. The game is scheduled for release in the second quarter of

"It is an honor to bring a ground-breaking game
by a respected developer like TREASURE to North American game enthusiasts," said
Yoji Takenaka, chief operating officer, D3PA. "Bangai-O Spirits contains many
key elements that define a truly enjoyable videogame-the innovation in both
technology and gameplay make this a must-have title for everyone who owns a DS

Bangai-O Spirits provides gamers with addictive
shooter gameplay, punishing supermoves and a sensory overload of fireworks
onscreen, with strategic and tactical elements and TREASURE’s quirky design
style. The game also offers co-op, competitive multiplayer for 1-4 players via
local wireless, a powerful level editor tool which allows players to edit
in-game levels or create new ones from scratch, and the revolutionary new
ability to transfer data among DS systems through sound data transfer technology
known as Sound Load.

Never before utilized for DS systems, the Sound
Load technology in Bangai-O Spirits allows players to transfer level data among
DS handheld systems via the use of sound and the DS microphone. This technology
works by taking the level data and turning it into a sound file which is output
through the host DS speaker. This data is then interpreted through the
microphone of the recipient DS, and the level transfer is complete!

It is also possible to upload and circulate sound
files of level data from Bangai-O Spirits online via the Internet, or to save
files to a recording device like a PC or jump drive for transport and
distribution, allowing gamers to catalog, share and compare levels online easily
with gamers all over the world! Widening the range of play and interaction even
further, gamers can also deliver high score and gameplay footage as transferable
sound files by using Sound Load. More details about this unique feature will be
forthcoming soon.