Cyberpunk creator Mike Pondsmith is updating the tabletop game

Cyberpunk 2020 creator Mike Pondsmith is preparing a new edition of the tabletop game, according to Polygon.

CD Project Red co-founder and CEO Marcin Iwiński confirmed the release, which will be the first update since Cyberpunk V3 in 2005.

Pondsmith is trying to alter the tabletop game so it feels less retro, since Iwiński wants the video game to take a more modern approach. The tabletop edition's new ruleset, for example, will help bolster the video game's storyline.

"The system is continuously evolving, and Mike is working on new stuff," he said. "So our goal is not to take his properties and change them, but we are not looking at a retro feel for the game. We want to take his ideas and look at where they might go a little bit further into the future … but not too far."

CD Project Red announced that they were working on a video game adaptation of Cyberpunk prior to E3, at their Summer Confernece. Pondsmith is assisting the development team largely by updating the pen-and-paper version, a move that will help the company visualize the game for televisions.

The developer now owns the rights to the tabletop property and wants to make sure it's here to stay.

As for The Witcher, "It's like Word of the Witcher, it's huge," Iwiński said. "In Polish, you have five books which are the saga, which are the main story. And you have three books which are stories. It's for like gazillions of games."

If done on schedule, the Cyberpunk tabletop update and video game should release almost simultaneously.

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