Cyber Monday 2016: Here are PlayStation 4 console and game deals

Probably the best time to upgrade to a PS4 Slim or Pro

Ah Cyber Monday, the one Monday anyone ever looks forward to. Why is that? Because Playstation is selling their new slim and pro models bundled with games for discounted prices! For those looking for Xbox One and Nintendo deals, look no further!

Here are the best Cyber Monday deals for Playstation 4:

  • PS4 Slim 500GB Raider: PS4 Slim with The Uncharted 4 bundle with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake  Collection and Rise of the Tomb Raider for $249 on eBay.
  • PS4 Slim 500GB Call of Duty: PS4 Slim with The Uncharted 4 bundle with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for $274.83 at Walmart.
  • PS4 Pro 1 TB: The PS4 Pro, top of the line. Take $30 off the 4K/HDR console for $369.99 on eBay.
  • PS4 Pro 1 TB Final Fantasy: The PS4 Pro with Final Fantasy XV and NBA 2k16 for $399.99 from eBay
  • The Mega Bundle: PS4 500GB, Xbox One 500GB and Wii U 32GB (All Pre-owned) for $599.99 at Gamestop.

As for games…