Cuphead’s ‘The Delicious Last Course’ DLC delayed to 2021

Dinner has been postponed

Sad news for fans of awesome platformers. The long-awaited DLC expansion ‘The Delicious Last Course’ for Cuphead won’t come out this year. Developer Studio MDHR cites the global pandemic among the reasons for it. Furthermore, there is no new release date for the DLC either apart from a broad 2021 window.

Cuphead is without a doubt one of the highlights of the past decade. Millions of gamers instantly fell in love with Studio MDHR’s eye-catching debut. And that’s despite, or probably because of the deceptively cute and welcoming art-style. Cuphead prominently features beautifully drawn 2D sprites that hearken back to the glory days of hand-drawn animation.

But underneath that veneer lies a brutally punishing platformer. With full 2-player co-op support, it’s even more fun to die and try over and over again.

In Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, Cuphead and Mugman are joined by Ms. Chalice for a DLC add-on adventure on a brand new island!

After several years of console-exclusivity on the Xbox One, Cuphead eventually made it to the Nintendo Switch and most recently PlayStation 4. But the thirst of players for more content remained.

With The Delicious Last Course, the developer finally unveiled a massive new DLC expansion for Cuphead. But the studio’s meticulous inclination towards perfection led to the DLC missing its original 2019 release.

Now, we learn that it won’t make it in 2020 either. Certainly a big blow for the game’s fans who have been waiting for many years to receive new content.

But there is a good explanation. Firstly, the Coronavirus foiled Studio MDHR’s original plans. Secondly, we learn that The Delicious Last Course won’t be just more content. Instead, the studio aims to improve on Cuphead on virtually every front. And that takes time.

There is no new concrete release date, but Studio MDHR promises to get the DLC out in 2021.