Cuphead has officially been delayed

Better to make a quality game than a rushed one

The long awaited 2D sidescroller Cuphead has officially been delayed, fans of 2D sidescrolling and 1936 style cartoons will have to wait a while for it to release.

Taking to a blog post, developer Studio MDHR announced that they would not be able to release Cuphead in 2016 as they had planned to with their vision intact, so instead of rushing the game for the sake of just pushing it out the door they decided to keep working on it. While it is sad that they had to push one of the most anticipated games of 2016 back a year, it's better to wait for a well-made game than a rushed one.

The new release window is "mid-2017" so sometime during the summer gamers can expect Cuphead to release, maybe even as a Summer of Arcade game, or Xbox Summer Spotlight as they called it this year. Cuphead will be coming to both Xbox One and PC.