Crytek’s Ryse is the Xbox One’s ‘Kinect-enhanced’ brawler

As previously rumored, Crytek's Ryse will be released exclusively on the Xbox One. Ryse was first debuted at E3 2011 as a Kinect brawler for the Xbox 360. In the trailer it showed you as the controller, actually having to perform the action moves for your character. Check out the original trailer below.

It seems the game has undergone a slight change as Crytek appears to have abandoned the Kinect-only gameplay. The official website now describes Ryse as "controller-based gameplay enhanced by Kinect." Thank goodness. The thought of having to swing an imaginary sword while wielding a make-believe shield was a bit too much for me. Hopefully Ryse really will be "better with Kinect."

A countdown on the game's website points to an E3 reveal on June 10, which just so happens to be the day of Microsoft's press conference. It's expected that Microsoft will spend the majority of the time focusing on games for the Xbox One. Ryse seems to be one of the fifteen exclusives planned in the first year of the Xbox One's release.