Crystal Games Announces Snake Warriors

October 1, 2009

Crystal Games Announces Snake

Challenging new gameplay in Snake

Crystal Games invites you to join
the adventure of Rahan and Kijani in the retro-action role playing game Snake
Warriors. Snake Warriors tells the story of the young Snakemaster Rahan and his
snake Kijani. While they grow up free from fear or doubt, social unrest rises in
the Kingdom of Zinaida. Shortly after Rahan finishes his training to become a
Snakemaster, the Snakemaster Wakaun starts a revolution against the current King
which comes with violence and murder.

Snake Warriors will be released in
the first quarter of 2010 for the PC and Mac. The game contains a unique
fighting system, a breathtaking story and challenging tournaments to earn extra
money and items.

You can find more information and
screenshots on