Crysis Coming to PS3 and Xbox 360

For the longest time, the popular in-joke among PC gamers was “yeah, but will it run Crysis?” Crytek’s gorgeous first-person-shooter had quickly gained a reputation as one of the prettiest games out there, but was perhaps even more notorious for pushing the limits of even the most powerful machines. But it was this absurd level of hardware strain that enthused the PC crowd, finally giving them an exclusive to brag about, thumbing their noses at us console geeks while making cracks about our stencil-buffers and other things we did not understand.

Well bitches, you got nothing to brag about anymore! Because we’ve now got a scaled-back port coming to Xbox LIVE and PSN four years after the fact! Booyah!

That’s right, even though Crysis 2 appeared on both 360 and PS3, the initial installment of the planned trilogy remained a PC exclusive, until now. In October, us snot-nosed console brats will be able to simply download that sucker straight into our gaming boxes, without having to blow a few grand setting up some sort of elaborate plasma-cooling mechanism to keep our computers from exploding. A few questions remain, especially since this little press statement says the console release will be “a modified and enhanced” version of the oriignal. Does modified and enhanced mean “we’ve taken out half the content, as your sissy consoles can’t handle the raw levels of awesome jammed into this sucker?”

I guess that remains to be seen.