Crysis 2 Better on PC Because of Console Development

In an interview in Edge Magazine, Crytek president and creative director, Cevat Yerli spoke about the differences between the PC and console versions of their upcoming game, Crysis 2. The overriding factor in quality for Crysis 2 seems to be a bigger budget, which is a direct result of the expected boost in sales from going to a multiplatform release.

Still, PC games are often hampered by there console counterparts, and Yerli assures that isn’t the case. “PC gamers will get a better game out of that, it isn’t just take, it’s also give”

If you remember the console ports of Half-Life 2, much of the optimization done to get that working on consoles found its way back to PCs, resulting in a smoother-running game. This could very well be a similar scenario, especially since the original Crysis seemed like it could have used a bit of optimization anyway.