Crysis 3 multiplayer detailed, Crytek reveals New York Feed

Odds are, when it comes to Crysis 3 you're probably not buying it for the multiplayer portion of the game. Crytek and EA aren't letting that sentiment stop them when it comes to developing features for multiplayer and when it comes to Crysis 3, they aren't holding back.

In a video released today, Producer Mike Read details some of the new gameplay elements being introduced to the multiplayer of Crysis 3. As the video points out, Crysis 3's multiplayer features maps, over 30 new weapons, and eight modes. PC will support 16-player games, while consoles only manage 12. The two modes highlighted in today's video are the already-revealed Hunter Mode and Crash Site.

In Hunter Mode, two players begin as cloaked Hunters tasked with killing a larger group of CELL units before the timer runs out; each CELL unit killed respawns as a Hunter.

Crash Site is more of a "King of the Hill" style mode where a ship will deploy a pod at a random location. The pod has a capture zone which players must spend time in to accumulate points; after a certain time the pod will explode and redeploy at another location. Each pod has a pair of shields that can be used for defense or offense. Also debuting in Crash Site is the Pinger, a powerful mech with devastating firepower.

At the end of the video, Read also unveils the New York Feed, a "dynamically generated map of New York City that creates an information flow of what you and your friends have achieved throughout the game."

Crysis 3 is due out in February 2013 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Although speculation continues to surround a Wii U version, Crytek has confirmed they are "not currently" working on a version for Nintendo's new console.