Crysis 3 confirmed and taking place in NYC

EA and Crytek have stuck again.  Crysis 3 has been confirmed.  We can expect this game to made for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.  The release date as of now is sometime in Spring of 2013.

The year is 2047.  You, as Prophet, are returning to an unfamiliar New York City Liberty Dome.  Cell Corporation has entrapped New York City in a Nanodome.  If you like your NYC invaded with oversized trees, swamps, and rivers – Crysis 3 will have everything you need.

The official blurb states, “With Alien Ceph lurking around every corner and human enemies on the attack, nobody is safe in the path of vengeance. Everyone is a target in Prophet's quest for retribution."  It would appear that Prophet is pissed off and he’s done taking Cell’s shit.  You will help him discover the motives and secrets to Cell’s motivations.  So while going on a revenge rampage take the time to stop the evil corp’s world domination plans.      

In NYC, there will be seven different environments known as the ‘Seven Wonders.’  Each of these environments differs in distinct and treacherous ways.  It’s alright though, you’ll have a composite bow now.  In the distant and alien future – we’ll always return to the classics for silent murder.

With the announcement of Cyrsis 3 also comes the preorder deals and upcoming packs.  Just for preordering, you will receive early access to the ‘Hunter Edition.’  This is where you can guarantee your new bow weapon and the attachments for it.  Now add a Hunter Nanosuit for multiplayer and an XP boost for the first 5 levels and you got yourself some perks. This will all be given to players who preorder via Origin.

The other multiplayer packs will be scattered across the retailer universe are as follows:

Stalker Pack: Includes the base game, all Hunter Edition content, and the close range and silent Jackal shotgun.

Overkill Pack: Includes the base game, all Hunter Edition content, and the 500 rounds a second Typhoon assault weapon.

Predator Pack: Includes the base game, all the Hunter Edition content, and the fast firing accurate – 60 round magazine Feline submachine gun.