Cryo Interactive Announce the 16th June Release of Open Tennis 2000 Just in Time for Wimbledon


8th June 2000

immediate release


Interactive announce the 16th June release of Open Tennis 2000 just in time
for Wimbledon (26th June – 9th July).


ready for the hottest tennis sim for the PC this year. Open Tennis 2000 (PCCD)
features 4 major world tournaments, indoor, clay & grass courts &
simultaneous 4-player action.


the full story and downloadable hi res images: 


Tennis 2000 allows you to master the sport of the summer, whatever the weather
(strawberries and ice cream optional). The game boasts 64 characters, each
with their own individual style. An exquisite 3D engine gives the gameplay
crisp animation…just like real tennis!


those who like their tennis fun on the run, check out Open Tennis on Gameboy
Colour (19.99) in early July. Now it’s your serve…