Cross Fire Officially Launches Today

April 16, 2009


Special Events Along With All-New
Features and In-Game Items All Part of the Launch Festivities at

G4BOX Inc. and Wicked Interactive
Ltd., North American publishers and distributors of interactive entertainment
media, together announced today that’s free military FPS Cross
Fire has now officially gone live and is available to download for free at:

The Cross Fire Official Launch is
marked by a substantial update to the game which includes, three new game modes
(including the long-awaited "Free For All" deathmatch and the knives-only
battle-arena), playable female characters, and ranked clan matches on a
dedicated server. In addition, the official launch will introduce loads of new
in-game weapons, items, and accessories. Cross Fire officially went live at 1:00
AM on Thursday April 16th, 2009. The launch is also supported by an in-game
event that allows players to earn extra experience for a limited time in order
to level-up faster.

"Since Cross Fire went into open
beta earlier this year we have built a dedicated community of players," said
Garvin Yeung, Chief Executive Office of Wicked Interactive. "We have worked hard
on all the new content included in the official launch version of Cross Fire,"
added Howard He, Chief Executive Officer of G4BOX, "We know Cross Fire veterans
and new players alike will be able to find something new they can enjoy."

Cross Fire is an online military
first-person shooter for the PC, developed by SmileGate and Neowiz, and
co-published by G4BOX and Wicked Interactive. Players assume the role of either
a Black List or Global Risk mercenary, and then join an online team that must
work together to complete objective-based scenarios. Cross Fire’s flagship
feature is its "Ghost Mode", which puts one team in possession of top-secret
cloaking technology, rendering them invisible to the opposing team. This team of
"ghosts" is armed only with knives, and must stealthily track and hunt the enemy
team. This mode is exclusive to Cross Fire and no other mode exists quite like
it in any other first-person shooter.

Cross Fire is
free-to-download-and-play. Visit the Cross Fire homepage at:

Now part of the Subagames library of
free MMOs.