Critics call Justice League “fine”, has flaws with its story but is ultimately enjoyable

Well, at least it's not awful.

The long-awaited Justice League hits theaters next Friday. We’ve seen DC’s greatest heroes in comics and cartoons but we’ve never seen them all interact in the same live action movie, it’s been a movie that has been attempted numerous times but it has failed to ever go into production. Now it’s finally happening but the circumstances are… unique.

Justice League has a tough act to follow. First, it must tell a successful story after the critical trainwreck that was Batman vs. Superman and the summer phenomenon that came in the form of Wonder Woman, secondly, it must prove that it can compete with Marvel’s shared universe which has found its footing and made use of a formula that has proven worthwhile time and time again. It also has to show that all of the issues it struggled with throughout production which ranged from things like having to use CG to remove Henry Cavill (Superman)’s mustache to bringing on a completely different director to finish reshoots as Zack Snyder had to step away due to a family tragedy. On top of all of that, it has to deliver a good movie that introduces us to three new characters that are here to stay and prove that the wait was worth it.

It’s no easy feat and with all of that stress on the cast, directors, and Warner Brothers, it may be reassuring to hear that the movie is at least “fine” according to critics. While reviews are embargoed until next week, WB has allowed those who have seen the movie to give their brief reactions to the film on social media.

So far, no one seems to hate the movie but there are quite a few who seem to have thoroughly enjoyed the superhero ensemble film thanks to its humor, great cast, and action. There are some issues present with the overall plot and some felt that the villain was weak and forgettable, suffering an issue similar to Marvel’s.

You can view a handful of reactions to the movie below.

Justice League opens on November 17th, 2017.