Critically Acclaimed Franchise Finds a New Beat With Patapon 2 Exclusively for the PSP

May 5, 2009

Critically Acclaimed Franchise
Finds a New Beat With Patapon 2, Exclusively for the PSP

Popular Rhythm-based Sequel Drums
its Way Back to Casual and Core Gamers with Double the Content, Multiplayer
Gameplay, and Deeper Customization Features

Sony Computer Entertainment America
(SCEA) announced today the release of Patapon 2, available exclusively for PSP.
Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios, Japan Studio,
Patapon 2 marks the return of the beloved 2D platform-action and rhythm game
where players command a colorful tribe of Patapons, a fearless group of quirky
eyeball warriors, through a series of challenging quests in an unfamiliar land.
Building upon the distinct combination of action and rhythm-based gameplay
introduced in the critically-acclaimed 2008 original, players must utilize
various combinations of drumbeats to command the Patapon to march, retreat,
attack, defend, charge, and use magic in the quest for victory and finding
Earthend. Patapon 2 is available now in a digital only format for $19.99.
Consumers can purchase Patapon 2 at retail stores in the form of redeemable
voucher cards or purchase directly from PlayStation® Network.

“As an established franchise on PSP,
Patapon 2 delivers top value at $19.99. Its signature charm and intelligent
gameplay mechanics return along with more than 200% more content,” said Scott A.
Steinberg, Vice President, Product Marketing, SCEA. “With the introduction of
multiplayer mode, along with customizable characters and new Evolution System,
Patapon 2 is an accessible and intuitive experience that bridges the gap between
casual and core gamers.”

With more than double the content of
its predecessor, Patapon 2 features a deeper single-player experience along with
a wealth of original missions and new cast of warriors, including a customizable
“Hero” character. A first for the franchise, Patapon 2 also offers a multiplayer
mode where up to four players can take their Hero Patapons and join forces in a
collaborative marching rhythm to carry a mysterious egg across a treacherous
battlefield. Success brings a “Don Chaka” mode, where players are tested again
with drumming a collective rhythm to gain items that can be used in single
player. Patapon 2 also delivers Game Sharing functionality to allow multiple
people to play together so long as one of them owns the game.

Catering to both the core franchise
fanatic and the Patapon novice, Patapon 2 features difficulty settings that
adjust the single-player gameplay to the appropriate level of the player, thus
allowing the game to be experienced and enjoyed by players of all skill sets.
Whether a Patapon veteran or rookie, Patapon 2 brings players into a charming
and melodic world full of color and wit, featuring over 80 specific missions and
more than 20 boss encounters while the tribe of scampering eyeballs seek

From the fertile imagination of
French graphic artist Rolito, Patapon 2 opens in the signature 2D world of the
Patapons as they depart their homeland in their ongoing pursuit of Earthend.
Arriving in a strange land after a harrowing ocean journey, the Patapons come
eyeball-to-eyeball with the Karmen Tribe and the strange, dangerous creatures
that inhabit their land. In leading the Patapon tribe to its ultimate quest,
players will unlock and discover new ranks of Patapons: the bird riding Toripon,
the powerful robotic Robopon warriors, and Mahopon magicians. Additionally a new
superior warrior, the Hero Patapon, can be customized to fit any fighting style
desired by mixing various weapons and Patapon Hero masks. Once in battle,
players will have the opportunity to lead the Patapons to victory with a total
of eight command rhythms, including the new jump, power-up, and party commands –
all which can be combined to change gameplay tactics and action throughout the
various missions.

Leading the upgraded strategic
elements of Patapon 2 is the new Evolution System. Skills on the battlefield can
be dramatically improved by evolving into other Patapon forms, called Rarepons,
through upgrades and “level ups.” Players can strategically customize and build
the Patapon army by determining the appropriate weapons, armor, and battle
positions. True to its musical roots, Patapon 2 also offers seven music-based
mini-games that allow players the opportunity to earn bonuses and upgrades to
further customize the Patapon warriors in preparation for fun and rhythmic

The independent Entertainment
Software Rating Board (ESRB) rates Patapon 2 “E” for “Everyone”. For more
information about Patapon 2, visit