Critical Thought Games Announces geoDefense Swarm

August 3, 2009

Critical Thought Games Announces
geoDefense Swarm

The Creeps Return for Round Two,
Bringing Back the Challenging Gameplay and Stunning Graphics from the Original

Critical Thought Games, the
independent game development studio behind the iPhone hit geoDefense, today
announced the next evolution in the series: geoDefense Swarm, coming to the
iTunes App Store in August 2009 for an introductory price of $.99.

The sequel takes all the dizzying
visuals, vexing challenges and addictive gameplay from the original, and changes
the equation – instead of defeating creeps along a pre-defined path, geoDefense
Swarm challenges players to use their creativity, building mazes for the creeps
to navigate across obstacle-laden open levels.

With 30 levels evenly spread across
three degrees of difficulty, geoDefense Swarm threatens to consume every waking
moment of gamers everywhere as the new game will tax both their reflexes and
strategic thinking yet again.

“The reception and success of
geoDefense was very rewarding, especially on a platform such as the iPhone that
has seen its share of great tower defense games,” said David Whatley, CEO of
Critical Thought Games and creator of the geoDefense series. “I wanted to create
a worthy sequel that wasn’t just a new set of levels, but turned the gameplay on
its head – and that’s just what geoDefense Swarm does.”

The original geoDefense is
available at the iTunes app store for $.99, for a limited time: