Creatures Playground Gets First Outing at E3 in Los Angeles


Creatures Playground gets first outing at E3 in Los



UK-based games developer Creature Labs will be giving Creatures Playground its first
whirl on the Mattel Interactive Stand (Petrie Hall, Stand 1401) at the Electronic
Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles this year. Creatures Playground is the second 
nstallment in the Creatures Village range of titles aimed at younger players and is driven by
the company’s unique CyberLife Technology.


Creatures Playground is a unique PC CD-ROM title created for inquisitive children from
the age of four to ten years old. The game once again stars the Norns, a cute collection of
virtual life creatures, who are born from eggs and can then be nurtured and taught in a
bright and colourful fairground environment.


The CyberLife technology ensures that the Norns think for themselves and learn from experience. Bold,
colourful graphics invite play and exploration, helping to build children’s skills for unstructured and creative play.


Creatures Playground is a never-ending fairground for children to explore. Like the first in
the series, Creatures Adventures, the fun begins in the nestery where you hatch your first
baby Norn, give it a name and start exploring. The game offers a huge variety of locations
and activities, from a costume design workshop to an alien space station – from a scary
swamp to carnival rides with a build-it-yourself rollercoaster. 


For those who have already purchased Creatures Adventures, the two games are designed
to link together to offer a giant play area for your Norns! You’ll even get extra bonus areas
when you join the games together, including the Village Square, special bonus rooms and
extra activities.


More Features

15 great locations plus and extra 2 bonus locations when you join the game with Creatures Adventures! 
Two brand new Norn breeds giving you a choice of 6 different breeds!  More exciting rides, activities and games than ever before! 
Lots of scope for creativity with a Print Shop and Costume Design area, plus the exciting Mad Labs
where you can turn your Norns into a mouse or a toy car and much, much more! 


Creatures Playground will be available on PC CD-ROM from Mattel
Interactive later this year.


For further information, including access to a
press website with images and avis of the game, please contact: 

Newmark, publishing director 

[email protected]


At E3 contact: 

Pete Noble @ Peter Noble PR 

on mobile: 07949 089 762

[email protected]

Lisa de Araujo, marketing

[email protected]

direct line: +44 (0) 1223 727038