Creative Assembly reveals first faction for Total War: Rome 2

Creative Assembly has launched the faction hub for Total War: Rome 2, revealing the first playable faction in the highly anticipated game. As expected, it's Rome. Not much of a surprise there, but the studio will continue to reveal factions on the wiki as the game nears launch next year.

So what can you expect while playing as the Roman army? To sum it up, organization, discipline, and strict tactical doctrine. The Roman army is led by a "well-drilled, well-equipped heavy infantry."

"The young, lightly armored hastati man the frontlines. Behind them stand the more skilled, chainmail-clad principes. The oldest and most experienced warriors – the bronze-armoured triarii – hold the rear. These monolithic formations are supported by the Roman cavalry, or equites," the description reads.

"As a playable faction, Rome benefits economically from its excellence in metalwork, enjoys enhanced military development, and can exploit the masses in order to maintain public order. Furthermore, the player will choose to conduct the affairs of Rome as the head of one of three great Roman houses: The Julia, The Cornelia, and the Junia, each of which bring further economic, military and cultural benefits."

Creative Assembly hasn't revealed how many playable factions there will be in Total War: Rome 2, but this is definitely a good start. Good, but expected.