Cradle of Rome: Give Free Rain to your Inner Emperor

March 4, 2008


Have you ever dreamed of becoming an
emperor? Just imagine: you bring your kingdom to the prosperous future, people
make statues in your honor, and you become a living legend. Awem’s Cradle of
Rome gives you a unique opportunity to become the Emperor of the Roman Empire
raising it from a small settlement to the immense state.

Awem Studio announces today Cradle
of Rome v1.27, a new update for the popular and addictive casual game augmenting
your enjoyment level.

Cradle of Rome is an unconventional
mixture of a city building game and a major casual component set, as the title
implies, at the dawn of the Roman Empire. Your job is to build up an elaborate
Roman city from scratch by building forges, mills, fountains and other scores of
buildings. When your city is big enough, you will be able to recreate the
Coliseum with gladiators and even the Pantheon. All the construction work is
subsidized by certain points you get after completing some intuitive and
addictive puzzles. There are several types of points: silver, gold, iron, wood,
flour and many others which are essential for building a thriving city.

The puzzles represent a field of
multiple shapes, varying from level to level, that consists of squares with such
items as wood, flour, silver, gold, etc. Your goal is to swap them, two at a
time, in order to create horizontal or vertical rows of the same items. The more
items in a row, the more points you get but the minimum is three. Matched items
disappear causing those above to drop down and create other matches for extra
points. Do not forget about water running out of the pitcher in the lower right
corner of the game field, representing time elapse. Once the pitcher is empty,
the game stops, and the player loses a life point. Various bonuses and gifts
give additional energy to the game-play. To crown it all, if the citizens are
satisfied with your work, they give you a special title. The highest one is

Amplifying the fun experience are
the fine graphics that enliven the city, the neat sound effects that dub
clicking of the items and the explosions that go off as they vaporize, and the
ancient-Roman backdrops that are set to change after each level.

The game is highly addictive and
simple to play. If you come to have difficulty in matching, the game will give
you a hint in a most unobtrusive way. Having completed a level, you’ll have an
opportunity to watch how life is going in your city by clicking an appropriate

Cradle of Rome is excellent for
those who want to distract themselves from their routine and have their mind
relieved of hard work.

Pricing and Availability

Cradle of Rome runs under Windows
2003, XP or Vista and requires Pentium III 1000 processor or better, 256 Mb RAM;
32 Mb, Direct3D compatible video card and DirectX 8.1 or higher. A single-user
license costs $19.95 (USD).